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How to schedule posts in WordPress

0 Posted February 8, 2012 by George Categories: SEO, Tips and Tricks

Last week’s SEO Plugin post was rather technical, so this week I wanted to write on a topic that is fairly straight-forward, and everyone will be able to do – scheduling a blog post.

First things first, let’s look at the steps to scheduling a blog post:

  • Log into your Dashboard.
  • Click through to Posts>Add New.
  • Type your post as you usually do, but don’t click Publish just yet.
  • On the right of your screen you will see, “Publish immediately Edit”.
  • Click the Edit button, this will reveal a date and time setup.
  • Type in the date and time when you want your posts to go live.
  • Click the OK button when you are ready.
  • Click the blue Schedule button (Publish is replaced by Schedule).
Scheduling Write Panel

That’s it! Your blog-post will now publish at the date and time you choose,  without any further instruction from you – How useful is that?

There are a number of reasons as to why someone would want to do this, here are a few to whet your appetite:

  • Write your post on the weekend and queue it for Monday morning so that it publishes when everyone’s back at work, and not sitting at the beach or sleeping.
  • Schedule a post for a time when you know people read your blog, to maximize views.
  • Queue your post to launch at a convenient time for a different time zone.
  • Instead of publishing two posts in quick succession, which effectively “hides” the first post, schedule the second one for a few hours later.
  • Schedule posts to ensure that the frequency between posts is even, this creates patterns, and subscribers like to know when things are happening.

What is your reason for scheduling posts?


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